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3D Grateful Dead Steal Your Face, Brown Rose, 60 x 90

Artwork by Mackerel Graphics.

One of the most powerful bands of all time, they meant so much, to so many people, in so many ways. æMillions of fans would put their lives on hold and tour with them for weeks (some years), and an enduring ñDeadheadî culture was born. The still thriving Deadhead community is alive and well today. The spirit of the music, and community that supports it, are the focus of all Sunshine Joy Tapestry designs. Try this tapestry withæSunshine Joy¬ 3-DæTapestryæGlasses, and WOW,æ you have gone deep down the rabbit hole into another dimension.æ It appears that you can get your hands behind the colors.æ It is fun watching your friends try to do just that.

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