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Goboof Alfa

When it comes to battery life and energy, Goboof ALFA works cleverly and efficiently. When fully powered up, it gives you 2 hours. And when you’re not using ALFA, it saves energy itself thanks to a intelligent automatic shutoff function. So, if it detects that you’re not using it, it will shut off after 15 minutes as it has not detected a puff being taken. And when you’re back on dry land or inside after your latest adventure, ALFA also works perfectly when plugged into the mains.

Goboof is a bit obsessed with technical specs and manufacturing perfection. This focus on technical details means they built their oven with performance and efficiency in mind. It’s large in size and this assures optimal flavor and guarantees a thick and cloudy vapor. There’s also a central heating-pin to guarantee uniform and rapid heating of your tasty blends. And finally, a hard anodized oven makes for super-easy cleaning.


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