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DLX Deluxe Papers, 84 mm

DLX Deluxe Papers, 84 mm

DLX Deluxe is an ultra-thin but strong rice rolling paper. DLX is specially blended to complement today's finer tobaccos. With a special blend of rice/flax and hemp, you will love this ultra slow burning rolling paper.

Beyond being made from the special slow burning cross-weaved DLX paper,  DLX 84 is a new never-before-produced size of rolling paper.

1 1/4 papers are 78mm long.
King Size papers are 110mm long.
Yet a standard size cigarette is 84mm long!

For years DLX heard smokers say that 1.25 is their favorite size but they wished for something a bit longer. So, after testing many sizes DLX finally came to the conclusion that the reason most cigarettes are 84mm long is because it's the perfect length for a cigarette! Thus DLX 84 was born.

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