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G Pen Elite, Badwood
(Limited Edition)

Grenco Science is proud to announce their latest collaboration with Badwood, an up and coming streetwear brand started by young Los Angeles artist, Natalie Wood.  The ‘Feels Good To Be Bad’ G Pen Elite for ground material is emblazoned with original yet distinct Badwood artwork.

Each kit comes inside a commemorative make-up vanity box with a clutch bag featuring the now-iconic "Badwood Ski Mask" logo, customized accessories including a compact mirror, a bottle opener grinder card, miniature permanent marker, rolling tray, temporary lip tattoos, and adhesive bandages, making it the perfect kit for a girl's night out. Experience quick and easy vaporization of ground material on-the-go.  See how it 'Feels Good To Be Bad' with the limited edition Badwood G Pen Elite Vaporizer!


- 1 Badwood G Pen Elite (for Ground Material)
- 1 USB Charging Cable
- 1 Badwood Tray
- 1 Badwood Bottle Opener G Card
- 1 Ski Mask Clutch
- 1 Badwood Mini Marker
- 1 Ski Mask Compact Mirror
- 1 Temporary Lip Tattoo Set
- 1 Sticker Sheet
- 1 Adhesive Bandage Set
- 1 G Pen Elite Keychain Tool
- 1 Cleaning Brush

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