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Juicy Jay's Flavors<br>King Size & 1.25"

Juicy Jay's Flavors
King Size & 1.25"

Blackberry Brandy - Juicy Jay's Blackberry Brandy flavored rolling papers are made out of quality hemp and are constructed with a great attention to detail. Flavored like a smooth blackberry brandy, these rolling papers give your smokes an interesting and pleasant flavor.

Blueberry - Juicy Jay's Blueberry rolling papers are perfect for rolling your smokes with, and go great with legal smoking herbs. Made with hemp and flavored like fresh blueberries, these rolling papers can stand up to your best filler. 

Coconut - Be transported to the beach by rolling your smokes with these creamy coconut flavored Juicy Jay's Coconut flavored hemp rolling papers. Juicy Jay's makes these rolling papers out of a quality hemp, and these are perfect for using with your favorite legal herbal blend.

Cotton Candy - Feel like you're at the circus by trying these Juicy Jay's Cotton Candy flavored rolling papers. Experience the taste of cotton candy, without the stickiness of real cotton candy! Grab your favorite kind of legal smoking herbs and roll out a smoke.

Double Dutch Chocolate - Pick some of your favorite legal smoking herbs, grab a pack of these Juicy Jay's Double Dutch Chocolate King Size flavored rolling papers and start rolling out some super chocolaty flavored smokes. Perfect for trying something new, or it can make great novelty gifts to hand out to fellow smokers!

Grape - Juicy Jay's Grape flavored rolling papers can handle all of your smoking needs because the pleasant grape flavor makes harsh herbs more mild. Crafted with quality hemp and an attention to detail, these Juicy Jays rolling papers are highly recommended.

Green Apple - These Juicy Jay's Green Apple are made of a premium hemp and are perfect for pairing with your best legal smoking herbs. Roll your filler into these rolling papers, and prepare for an amazing smoke that has notes of juicy apples that complement the herbal filler.

Mello Mango - These Juicy Jay's Mello Mango flavored rolling papers are ready to be rolled with some of your best legal smoking herbs. Create some amazing smokes with these hemp rolling papers, and maybe give a few to some friends. Not too many though. Save some for yourself, you deserve it.

Milk Chocolate - Juicy Jay's Milk Chocolate flavored rolling papers are made out of a choice Juicy Jay hemp and are perfect for making smokes with. An interesting milk chocolate flavor is added to each rolling paper using a proprietary Juicy Jay flavor system, leaving your smokes with a smooth taste.

Pineapple - Grab a box of these Juicy Jay's Pineapple flavored rolling papers and roll out plenty of smokes. The juicy pineapple taste helps to complement and tone down the bitterness of some herbs.

Raspberry - Juicy Jay's Raspberry flavored hemp papers are perfect for creating some seriously tasty smokes. Grab your best kind of legal smoking herb filler and make some amazing raspberry-flavored smokes, ready to be enjoyed.

Strawberry - Juicy Jay's Strawberry flavored rolling papers taste like you picked up a box of fresh strawberries, just in smokable form! Roll up some amazing smokes in these Juicy Jay rolling papers with some of your favorite legal herbal smoking blends and you're ready to go!

Watermelon - Whether you want to relive memories of family picnics around the park, or you just want to feel like a kid again, these Juicy Jays Watermelon flavored rolling papers are perfect.


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